COVID19 vaccination supply chain

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Today Health Europa published their new magazine focusing on COVID19. Our CEO Mikael Hoier was interviewed about our Lowenco Large Scale Storage Solutions for pharmaceutical requirements like COVID19 vaccines etc.

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Fighting COVID19 requires worldwide vaccinations. The storage of the COVID19 vaccines is a question that is worth both asking and answering. Due to the nature of vaccines, we know that storing them in cold conditions is essential to prevent them from losing their effectiveness. Effectiveness that is critical in fighting COVID19. As COVID19 continues to evolve (in relation to new mutations), the pharmaceutical manufacturers might consider continuing production of vaccines for future usage, thus requiring high-quality and large-scale cold storage units – like the ones we produce here at Lowenco. Also a part of Lowenco’s cold storage units is low energy use, thus making it fit for a variety of different pharmaceutical manufacturers who, in addition to high-quality and large-scale units, treasure sustainability.

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