Great Place to Work

LOWENCO has been certified as a ‘Great Place to Work’ organization, which we are very proud of. At LOWENCO, we highly prioritize the well-being of our employees and believe that happy and motivated employees contribute to the quality of the work we do.

The certification is based on in-depth employee surveys regarding the work culture here at LOWENCO. 92% of our employees, all things considered, believe that LOWENCO is a really great place to work. We are incredibly proud of our work culture, and below are some of the parameters that our employees consider as the most important for their well-being supporting their satisfaction in being part of the LOWENCO team. 

Work-life Balance

Work-life Balance is one of the most important factors in our work culture, and we are delighted to announce that 100% of our employees experience the ability to take time off when they feel the need or necessity to do so. We believe that if our employees have a healthy balance between work and personal life, they will bring their surplus of energy into the workplace. Therefore, we put great effort and work into ensuring a harmonious work-life balance, and it is a significant recognition for us that all our employees feel they have the opportunity to balance their work life with their private life. 

Making a difference

At LOWENCO, we are driven by making a difference, and we know that many of our employees share the same motivation. Therefore, we are proud to say that 92% of our employees feel that they are making a difference for LOWENCO in their position. The ability to make an impact and feel that one’s work is recognized and valued helps maintain a strong motivation among our employees, and it boosts the shared ambitions we have as a company. 


of employees experience that newcomers feel welcomed in the workplace.


of employees respond that they are proud to tell others that they work here.


of employees experience that they can take time off from work when they deem it necessary.


of employees indicate that they feel they make a difference in the workplace.

“Our employees are our most important assets. They are the key to our success and goal achievement”

– Mikael Hoier, CEO

Our certification as a ‘Best Place to Work’ Company is an encouragement for us to continue improving and finding new ways to support the well-being of our employees. It is our ambition to maintain our position as a workplace, where our people are thriving and where there is room to cultivate both work and personal life in the best possible way. 

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