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Find your Lowenco contact person below and give us a call – or type in your contact details and the product of your interest, and we will return to you as soon as possible.

Your Lowenco contacts

  • Mikael Hoier
    Mikael Hoier CEO
      +45 25 80 80 10

  • Mikkel Styrk
    Mikkel Styrk Project Manager
      +45 25 80 80 13

  • Anders Skarby
    Anders Skarby Production Manager
      +45 25 80 80 14

  • Patrick Bjerregaard
    Patrick Bjerregaard Refrigeration Manager
      +45 25 80 80 12

  • Stefan Hørlyck
    Stefan Hørlyck COO
      +45 25 80 80 17

  • Kevin Simonsen
    Kevin Simonsen QA Responsible & Project Support
      +45 25 80 80 83

  • Frederik Boström
    Frederik Boström Project Manager
      +45 25 80 80 16

  • Kim Langaas
    Kim Langaas CFO
      +45 25 80 80 15

  • Søren Gjelstrup
    Søren Gjelstrup Lead Electrical Engineer
      +45 25 80 80 11

Careers at Lowenco

At Lowenco things are going very fast – and that will continue, we what to grow – and we like it that way.

With that in mind we also know, that the future will bring us many new colleagues.

Do you have ambitions, what things to go fast, ready to take responsibility, like to be a part of a young and dedicated team, Lowenco is maybe your next stop on your career.

Our open positions are listed on the right, and if we do not have the open position you are looking for, do not hesitate to send us your unsolicited application.

Unsolicited application

At Lowenco we are always looking for new inspiring colleagues. As we are a production company we are both white- and blue-colored workers. Do not hesitate to send your application.

> Email us your application

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