A grey day can easily get sunny ☀️

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Together with our customers we create a better world – one unit at a time! ♻️

Next stop Ireland! 🇮🇪 4 LSSU’S left our factory this morning. Our LSSU’s helps our customer to ensure an extreme stable storage temperature at -70°C with low deviation (+/- 1°C). ❄️
At the same time, a LOWENCO cold storage solution ensures an absolute minimum impact on the environment. 🌱🌎

In fact, our solutions are 75 – 80% more efficient than the accessible alternatives on the market. 📈

LSSU footprint:
–              80% less power consumption costs 🔋
–              100% recyclable ♻️
–              60% less carbon (CO2) footprint 🌫️
–              80% lower total cost of operation 💸

Read more about the benefits of our products at www.lowenco.com

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