We give a warm welcome to Martin Arndt, who is joining our fantastic LOWENCO team!

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Martin is our new Refrigeration Technician Apprentice. He has a tinsmith education and 15 years of experience in the metal industry. Martin has had refrigeration and the refrigeration technician education in mind several times over the past few years because it sounded exciting. Martin seized the opportunity when he saw a post on Facebook from his previous colleague, who is also employed at LOWENCO, that they needed people in the refrigeration department. Martin says, ”I thought that now was the opportunity. I came into LOWENCO, and I certainly haven’t regretted it!”

We asked Martin how he could bring his professionalism and skills into play at LOWENCO.
“My professionalism and skills definitely come into play daily, as there are also quite a few stainless tasks in the fridge. It is definitely a huge advantage that I know all of our tools in the form of my background as a tinsmith.
Personally, I am easy to learn and persistent in learning new things; I love new challenges and tasks. At LOWENCO, there is a high ceiling and freedom under responsibility, and perhaps most importantly, there is space and time to learn everything from scratch. It means a lot to me that I get off to a good start because I take pride in doing my work correctly and take huge responsibility for my craft.
I look forward to many great travel tasks and experiences in the future.
My reception at LOWENCO and my first week have been excellent, happy and friendly colleagues across the board”