Say hello to our new HR Manager Tina Abrahamsen 👋

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Tina has 17 years of experience in HR and leadership. Tina began her career in the temp and recruitment industry, and most recently, she comes from a position as Agile People Leader.

Tina’s primary purpose is to build, structure, organize and further develop HR in LOWENCO. Tina has helped build up the HR function through her previous job positions, which will also be her primary purpose in her new position. Tina is a people person; she is relation-oriented, and good relationships are essential for her. Tina states,

“To help ensure that people thrive and develop is my overall mission. To unlock people’s potential and see them flourish and continuously develop is something I am really passionate about!”

Welcome aboard, Tina! We are delighted you are joining the LOWENO Family!