We give a warm welcome to Pernille Damgaard!

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Pernille is our new ESG & Quality Manager responsible for developing and implementing LOWENCO’s CSR strategy within Environmental, Social, and Governance. Pernille has years of experience in environmental management and is currently studying an MBA in Sustainability.

Pernille states.

“ESG is my big passion! At LOWENCO, I have the opportunity to combine my interest with work. How lucky am I?

I am looking forward to maintaining and building management systems for LOWENCO. It gives me the opportunity to get around all departments when I, together with colleagues, have to do safety rounds and carry out internal audits. This way, we help each other to be ready for external audits.”

We asked Pernille how her first period at LOWENCO had been.

”Fantastic – it has been a super good welcome. I have gone through a well-planned introduction program, where I have both been presented with all the functions in the organization, and I got the opportunity to learn about the tasks in production with fitters, electricians, refrigeration technicians, and warehouse employees.

During my first month at LOWENCO, I received high-quality training, and I went through a well-planned introduction program, allowing me to get to know the company well – and of course – the people and the products. I feel very welcome and am glad to be already included in many exciting projects. The people here are very friendly and helpful, and I look forward to working on the interesting and essential quality questions that we will have to come.”

LOWENCO is not just a company that cares about the external environment. Much is made of creating a good environment for the employees.

Pernille states

“I am impressed that there is an opportunity to participate in a lot of activities together with my new colleagues; the runs on Tuesdays, invitations to go paddling, and playing golf. It means a lot that you, as a new employee, are invited into the community. This is not a matter of course, and my new colleagues must be greatly praised for ensuring that.”

We are happy to welcome Pernille as part of LOWENCO 😊