LOWENCO has been awarded an EcoVadis silver medal, a seal of quality in sustainability

Awarded with the EcoVadis Sustainability Silver Medal

Earlier this year we were very proud to announce that we had achieved Silver in EcoVadis’ evaluation of our sustainability performance, placing us within the top 25% of all companies globally participating in these assessments.

We are pleased that our efforts in sustainability are being recognised and it motivates us to keep improving on this area. The assessment is very important for our existing and future business and successful partnerships with our suppliers, as it allows us to meet future requirements already today.

Awarded with the EcoVadis Sustainability Silver Medal

EcoVadis analyzed 21 aspects of our company, divided into four main fields: Environment, Labour and Human rights, Ethics, and Sustainable procurement. Our overall score reflects the quality of our CSR management system at the time of the assessment.

Our assessment is a testament to the progress we have made in implementing increasingly sustainable practices throughout our company, assessed against a wide variety of CSR criteria.

To learn more about EcoVadis and how they rate companies against a comprehensive set of sustainability criteria, visit EcoVadis.com

The scoring scale includes five sustainability performance levels

– Outstanding (score 85-100)
– Advanced (score 65-84)
– Good (score 45-64)
– Partial (score 25-44)
– Insufficient (score 0-24)

LOWENCO has reached a score of 61 (Good) and has been rewarded Silver in 2023

To celebrate the completion of the assessment, EcoVadis will be planting a tree on our behalf through our partnership with One Tree Planted.


About EcoVadis

EcoVadis is today one of the world’s most comprehensive sustainability rating tools, assessing private and public companies. The EcoVadis Rating covers a broad range of non-financial management systems on social, ethical and environmental impacts. Over the last decade, it has built a network of more than 65,000 rated companies around the globe.

EcoVadis provides holistic sustainability ratings service of companies, delivered via a global cloud-based platform.

The assessment is available to all companies and can be used as a tool to ensure transparency across the supply chain. Companies can request their suppliers to undergo the EcoVadis assessment by sending them an invitation, after which they will receive notifications on the process and results.

The non-financial assessment by EcoVadis measures the sustainability management system of a company through 21 sustainability criteria focused on four key performanceareas:

  • Environment: impact from the production processes (energy consumption, water, biodiversity, local and accidental pollution, GHG emissions), impact from product use, and end-of-life
  • Labor & Human Rights: Human resources management (accident prevention, staff training, working conditions, social dialogue) and Human Rights (respect for labor laws, diversity, discrimination)
  • Ethics: corruption, anti-competitive practices, and information management responsibility
  • Sustainable procurement: supplier environmental and social practices.

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